Trail's  End Ranch
Radio Show
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Trail’s End Ranch Radio Show invites you into the world of the cowboy. Huddled in an intimate radio sound stage, somewhere on the prairie of the American West, a group of cowboys from neighboring ranches gather to broadcast their songs and tunes, stories and poems, to an awaiting audience far, far away.

It could be any Saturday night, any time over the last 100 years. You would hear the same cowboy messages from any radio station on the range, anywhere on the planet. Stories about their animals, their joys living a life out-of-doors surrounded by nature’s beauty, and their frustrations in trying to adjust to an ever changing world… all have a striking familiarity – and similarity – wherever you call home.

So gather closely around your radio and prepare to be transported to a world inhabited by people who seem to transcend time, bridge cultural divides and who thoroughly enjoy the basic, simple values of a shared life together.

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The Poem of The Month:


There is an almost constant rumble

echoing from Highway 69 –

cattle trucks, hay trains, horse trailers,

Canadians flying south,

Helenans heading home.

A gentle valley in southwest Montana

easily overlooked

in a state of beauty writ large,

“The Last Best Place.”

This small ranch

in the shadow of Bull Mountain

has been OUR place

for the last several years.

Leased, borrowed,

this humble ground has provided

a canvas,

a focal point,

for a creative life.

A place to look

outward, inward.

A place of beauty

and stories

that come from knowing a place


Through this intimacy

I hope to find truth

in This Place.

John Michael Reedy